What’s the story behind What I’d Rather Be Talking About?

Tell me if this has ever happened to you. You’re at work, in a conversation, or just doing something that you’re not 100% into and you wish you could steer the convo to something more interesting. Or, the conversation might be fine, but you’re just distracted by something you think is really cool and deserves some air time.

For example, you’re wearing the coolest boots on the planet, and desperately want to pause the meeting for a show-and-tell session.

Or, you bought an amazing smoothie (which is a great thing to talk about) but the real story you want to share is the angel story that happened when you bought it.

Maybe you’ve discovered the most interesting podcast and want to talk about why everyone should start drinking mushroom coffee.

This is basically the story of my life. When I’ve got news to share or find something that impresses me, I want to shout it out from the rooftops.

I created What I’d Rather Be Talking About so I’d finally have a place to share all the things I spend my days thinking about - wellness, travel, relationships, spirituality, woo-woo ideas, and everything in between.

Basically, it’s been my lifelong dream to share fun facts with the world, and this newsletter is my ticket to fulfilling it.

Every Thursday, I’ll send the products, recipes, travel ideas, fashion trends, and wellness ideas I see and hear about. This means you’re not only getting all of these ideas, but you might also discover new podcasts, Netflix shows, YouTubers, and books to explore.

I’ll also get a little deep at times - by featuring pieces and content that I find inspiring or moving. I’ll also explore questions like, “What happens when we die?” “How can we connect with loved ones who have passed?” “How do we make the most of our time here?” (I warned you I get deep…)

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What I'd Rather Be Talking About is a weekly newsletter with everything that's caught my attention in the world of wellness, travel, lifestyle, career, and life. Plus, I share podcast & streaming recs, and even get a little deep and insightful at times.


Abbey Algiers

Abbey Algiers is a Wisconsin writer who loves to talk and write about all things Spain, wellness, golf, yoga, the spiritual world, manifesting, podcasts, and cool products that grab her attention and “get the job done.” (Whatever that job may be.)